Aside knowing your genotype bf marriage, there's need for one to know her rhesus factor! rhesus factor incompatibility is a leading cause of miscarriage! not always your village people! please take time to read this:

What is Salary
A salary is a bribe for one to forget their ambition. Research has it that the poorest group of people in the world are the salary earner's group, which is practically next to beggars' group. They live in a vicious cycle of poverty, managed on a 30-day duration while their freedom and opinions totally gone.

True Situation Analysis of Life
After Secondary School. All your classmates gone in different directions in the world. Some have completed universities and are now: Doctors, Engineers, Teachers, Pilots, Lawyers, Administrators, etc.Some are married, Some have given birth,Some are still searching and waiting on the Lord.

I did not marry you to play with you
They got married after a beautiful love story, and after two weeks the husband woke up to go to work. He went to the bathroom to wash his face, and in the mirror he saw his face full of drawings of different colors.
His wife was young, childish, and had an innocent heart. She scribbled on his face as he was sleeping, and she did so with a great love, that they would laugh about it in the morning.